Christian Ulitzka

WISO Steuer - UI/UX Design

WISO-Steuer is one of the leading products in the field of tax software in germany, with which a comprehensive tax decleration can be created and submitted. In addition, it is possible to archive tax-relevant receipts and documents during the year. With this smartphone app, the extensive web app and desktop software that has grown over decades should now also be available on mobile devices.

Due to the limited visual space on small mobile devices, most important was the clear and simple user guidance. Especially in complex areas such as the topic "tax decleration" it is important to focus on a simple user interface, clear user guidance and playful learning of the topic. As a lead UX/UI designer, the task was to develop an understandable and clear concept for a complex and extensive topic and to work closely with mobile developers and the quality management team. I was also supporting the product owner by creating and prioritize tasks for the developing team

With the introduction of this product, a completely new corporate design and design system has been developed for the WISO- Steuer brand, which is now also being used for other products.

My Task
Lead-UX/UI, design system, documentation, quality assurance